About Tora

Tiger Kanji


For centuries the Tiger (Tora in Japanese) has symbolized power and energy. Particularly in China and Korea, it was a force to be feared and respected.

In Japan, the majestic animal was never a natural predator, but it always inspired mystery. Stories and poems of Tora appeared in early Japanese texts such as the Nihon Shoki, and the Manyoshu.

As a symbol tigers have been thought to bring good fortune. So, merchandise such as clothing, hats, bags, scarves, or embroidery that used tigers as symbols have become highly prized possessions. The tiger continues to inspire bravery and dignity. We believe that people who wear our T-Shirts embody this tiger spirit.

We want to make a distinction between tiger symbolism and tiger poaching. We do not in any way condone or encourage the destructive act of poaching this endangered animal. Tigers in the wild are being threatened and need our protection.

Below are some links to websites where you can help a real tiger in the wild: